Crystal Deco Hair Barrette by Ben-Amun. Vintage Art Deco Hair Accessories Barrette.

Mallory Hair Barrette

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Ben-Amun’s signature barrette is handcrafted from polished silver-tone brass that is decorated with shimmering genuine clear crystal stones. Use it to seamlessly pull your hair back into a chignon bun. Measurements: 2.75"L x 0.75"W Metal: Silver-tone Metal Genuine Clear Crystal Stones Barrette Made in New York Version: Emerald & Silver Questions? Editor's Note: Ben-Amun’s Époque Hair Collection of hair bands, pins and combs, inspired by jazz age elegance, is best suited for wedding day wear or as a romantic touch to an everyday look. Genuine clear crystal stones lined in enchanting patterns act as striking hair ornaments perfect for anchoring a chignon or creating a timeless look tucked into tresses. High drama hair bands made of hand strung Czech glass pearls adorned with sparkling crystals, encircling and cascading down the crown of the head, are sure to captivate locks in an updo or relaxed waves of any length and style. Delicate hair pins provide a vintage air, providing just a hint of glamour to a party worthy look.

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