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 It's finally spring! To celebrate we're having a SPRING SALE on our website. Visit www.Ben-Amun.com now for 20% off everything! Use code "SPRING20" #benamun
 Blogger @girlmeetslife traded in her scarf for one of our Tassel necklaces. Thank goodness spring is finally here! #BenAmun #SomeJustShine
 We're loving the Health Goth trend lately - it gives an excuse to wear sneakers and still look chic, like with our Gold Medal Pyramid Bracelet. #BenAmun #healthgoth
 Our Star Collection is always a show-stopper at our NYC Showroom (blogger @lexicon_of_style thought so!). Check out the full collection now at Ben-Amun.com. #benamun #somejustshine
 We love this glam look from @loolstore showing off our Art Deco earrings. #BenAmun