Model wears our floral Batola earrings for Numero Netherlands


Numéro Netherlands features our Batola earrings for their January 2024 digital cover

Numéro Netherlands features Earrings from the Daphne Collection

American model Meghan Roche wears earrings from the Daphne Collection for her feature in Numéro Netherlands, January 2024.


Talent: Meghan Roche at DNA Models @meghanroche @dnamodels
Photographer: Lea Winkler @leabwinkler
Stylist: Anatolli Smith at Home Agency @anatolli @homeagency
Makeup: Rommy Najor at Forward Artists @rommynajor @forwardartists
Hair: Ledora at CLM @ledora @clmagency
Nails: Jazz Style at See MGMT @jazzstyle @seemanagement
Production: Fox & Leopard @fox.and.leopard
Executive producer: Meagan Judkins @sweetbabyjudkins
Producer: Samantha Silvers @spindycrawford
Retoucher: Hue Retouching @hue.retouch
Editor: Timi Letonja @timiletonja
Editorial director & Interview: Jana Letonja @janaletonja
Cover design: Arthur Roeloffzen @arthurroeloffzen


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