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Jewelry from various collections featured in Gossip Girl Reboot
After launching with record-breaking numbers, HBO Max’s official Gossip Girl Reboot has been the talk of many who loved the original hit television series. The Ben-Amun team has prepared an in-depth style guide of all the jewelry we designed that was featured in Gossip Girl. Something that never changes between these two generations is they always make sure to look their best at all times.

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From in-demand runways to lunch periods at the prestigious Upper East Side private school, Zoya Lott and Julien Calloway find themselves in a whirlwind of drama, twists, and turns reminiscent of their former iconic duo Blair and Serena.
This Alba Necklace features a lobster claw and is plated in pure 24 karat gold. The necklace features an Egyptian charm inspired by Ben-Amun founder and designer Isaac Manevitz. Manevitz grew up in Egypt and calls much of his inspiration for his jewelry designs and architecture from his own culture.
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A hesitant Julien reaches out to best friend Monet for advice in Episode 1 to

see if her favorite Brooch is best for her first day of school outfit


After a high-profile event leave Julien deciding between right or wrong, loyal friend Luna is by her side in her Valeria Earrings to help guide her on how to hand trouble. 
These Valeria Earrings feature an intricately designed linked hoops that are handcrafted by our team of artisans in our New York City atelier. This accessory is fitting for the crew of Upper East Siders who spend their time wearing only the best locally shopped designer brands.

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Julien's dad can be seen wearing our dazzling crystal Julian Brooch at an event with friends and industry professionals. The coincidentally named Julian Brooch works as a perfect statement touch for otherwise plain and monochromatic stylings. 

The brooch was designed under the Modern Deco collection which featured hand cut crystals reminiscent of the unique styles and art that appeared in France shortly before World War I. Now pieces from this collection are only available upon special request.

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Unlike the original Gossip Girl, we are immediately introduced to the masterminds behind the new Gossip Girl postings. One teacher, Wendy, can be seen adorned by her regal Paolo Pin from our La Dolce Vita collection.
This gold 24 karat plated pin features a roman coin set in the center, inspired by the rich history of Rome and stories that are thousands of years old.