Moroccan Coin Chain Necklace by Ben-Amun. Antique Liberty Long Coin Necklace. Bohemian Gypsy Medallion. 24K Gold Plated.
Moroccan Coin Chain Necklace by Ben-Amun. Long Coin Necklace with Gold Liberty Coins. Antique Replica. Bohemian Style. Brass.

Tanya Necklace

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The Tanya necklace from Ben-Amun is a beautiful, handcrafted piece that is perfect for anyone who loves unique jewelry. This multi-coin necklace features replica coins from different eras, including both female liberty and royal figures. The 24-karat gold-tone brass gives the necklace a stunning antique look that is perfect for wearing with plunging necklines. The necklace measures 36" in length and 1" in diameter for each pendant. Made to order in New York City Design Studio and takes 7-14 business days to produce before shipping.
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Type :  Necklaces

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