Moroccan Coin Chain Necklace by Ben-Amun. Antique Liberty Long Coin Necklace. Bohemian Gypsy Medallion. 24K Gold Plated.
Moroccan Coin Chain Necklace by Ben-Amun. Long Coin Necklace with Gold Liberty Coins. Antique Replica. Bohemian Style. Brass.

Tanya Necklace

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This multi-coin necklace reflects the designer’s fascination with antique coins. Handcrafted from 24-karat gold-tone brass, the replica of vintage coins features both female liberty and royal figures. Wear plunging necklines to show off these dangling ancient coins. The Casablanca Collection Measurements: 36"L, Pendant: 1" diameter Metal: 24K Gold Electroplated Metal...