gold chainlink bracelet adorned with roman coin and czech glass stone
Model wearing Ben-Amun La Dolce Vita Collection
Model wearing three bracelets from La Dolce Vita Collection

Bianca Bracelet

$ 245.00
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Welcome to life's sweetest moment with La Dolce Vita Collection's Bianca Bracelet! This magnificent piece of art is handcrafted, and Its chain will lift your spirits, while the pendant with 24K electroplated brass, genuine clear crystals, and colored Czech glass stones add a touch of pizzazz that can't be denied! It looks amazing and has a box 7 tongue closure that ensures your Bianca Bracelet stays firmly on for even the wildest of nights out. Whether you're feeling elegant or bold, fly or sassy, this luxurious item gives you the glamour and confidence to express your uniqueness! Made-to-order at Ben-Amun Design Studio in New York City.

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